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Michał Mochocki

Academic bio

I've worked in the Department of English Studies at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz since late 2007. I hold Ph.D. in Literature, but my research interests switched to culture studies and game studies. I'm a founding member and managing board secretary of the Games Research Association of Poland, and member of Advisory Board in the Homo Ludens scholarly journal. Heavily involved in game-based learning, I'm also thinking of a second doctorate in Education.

I'm also Head of the Programme Committee at Institute of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, responsible for curriculum design in line with the (horribly counterproductive, though obligatory!) National Qualifications Framework. It was because of my duties in education quality assurance that I reached for gamification, desperately looking for something that would really work pro-quality. Beside our experiments at UKW with Mikołaj Sobociński and Aleksandra Mochocka, we are sharing experience and ideas for higher-ed gamification in a Special Interest Group of about 30 academic teachers from all around Poland.

Game-related bio

I had been non-digital game designer long before I became a researcher. In 1999-2005, I was deeply into role-playing games, both in the tabletop and live-action styles. I co-authored the 2nd ed. of "Dzikie Pola" (2005), authored tons of game content for this and other RPGs, and I have been writing historical larps since 2001. I'm also engaged in historical re-enactment and education, with special focus on the educational potential of larps (live action role plays). Actually, I like to think of larp as gamification of applied drama. 

GAMEDEC: Game Studies & Design

I'm in charge of Game Studies & Design specialisation at Humanities 2.0, a brand new B.A. degree programme launched in October 2013. All the teaching staff of Gamedec.UKW are recruited from the English Dept., by the way. Visiting us in May, you will meet the very first Gamedec students near the end of their freshman year. I guess they'll be the best showcase of our game-based innovations in the teaching of humanities.

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