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Poland - Before Reforms

When you come to Bydgoszcz we will present the recent history of Polish education in more detail, but just to show you how much has changed (and is still in some process of transition) let me just enumerate a few major changes:

  1. introduction of lower secondary schools
    the previous system consisted of primary and secondary level only
  2. compulsory material changed and re-evaluated
  3. reform of the maturity exam, more subjects, different quotas for pass and grades
    maturity exam functions as entrance exams to higher education
  4. abolition of most entrance exams at universities & colleges
  5. dissolution of most vocational schools, especially those connected to individual professions, e.g., rail workers vocation schools
  6. introduction of 3+2 system in higher education, introducing BA exams
    previously studies took 5-6 years until MA level
  7. lowering the age of primary school pupils from 7 to 6
  8. pre-school education compulsory from 5
  9. rearranging compulsory subjects and allowing pupils to choose subjects in lowers secondary & higher secondary schools
Another factor, though not strictly connected to the system of education, is the demographic decline. After the transition period of 1990s, there are 50% fewer children in some schools, and later up to 75% fewer students at some Faculties.