The presented data comes from EURYPEDIA.

In the Republic of Slovenia, pre-school education, compulsory basic education (integrated primary and lower secondary education), basic music education, upper secondary, short-cycle higher education and adult education are in the domain of the Ministry of Education and Sport, whilst higher education is in the domain of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology

Pre-school education is optional, and encompasses the centre-based child care and early general pre-school education. Children aged over one year can enrol in kindergarten, which they can attend up to enrolling into basic school. Public kindergartens are founded and financed by municipalities.

Compulsory basic education in Slovenia is organized in a single-structure nine-year basic school attended by pupils aged six to fifteen years. Public basic schools are founded by municipalities. Basic education is financed from municipal and state budgets.

Upper secondary education takes 2 to 5 years. Educational programmes include vocational, professional and gimnazija (general) programmes. Decisions concerning the founding and financing of upper secondary schools and the distribution of education programmes are taken at the national level.

Tertiary education includes short-cycle higher education and higher education study programmes. Higher vocational education is provided by higher vocational colleges that offer two-year vocational education. The traditional higher education study programmes are offered by public or private universities and single higher education institutions.

Adult education is marked by its considerable diversity of programmes and institutions.

Provision of special needs education in Slovenia follows a multi-track approach towards inclusion, which means that a variety of services between mainstream education and segregated settings are offered.

Slovenia has a well-developed system of basic music and ballet education, which enables children and youth to develop their musical talents alongside attending basic school. 

Structure of the national education system 2011/12

Mikolaj Sobocinski,
May 9, 2012, 3:43 PM