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English Department

The Faculty comprises about 6 thousand students in 11 majors:

  1. Polish Philology
  2. Philology, specialising in Russian Philology
  3. Philology, specialising in Applied Linguistics
  4. Philology, specialising in German Philology
  5. Philology, specialising in English Philology (aka English Department)
  6. History
  7. Political Science
  8. Culture studies
  9. ulture heritage protection
  10. International relationships
  11. Journalism and social communications

Students can choose between regular and part-time studies: 3-year bachelor courses, 2-year master courses, single-course master studies and regular 4-year doctoral studies in history. The Faculty also offers post-graduate education. Studies in all majors and including all specialisations comply with EU educational standards following the ECTS system and have been accredited by the State Accreditation Committee. 

The academic staff of the Faculty includes 58 professors, including 21 professors titular, 114 senior lecturers, 54 assistants and 36 teaching staff. The Faculty conducts research in linguistics, study of literature, political science, history.

The Faculty shares its research projects with international centres. The projects follow research profiles of the units of the Faculty of Humanities and have been documented by shared publishing efforts, e.g. studies into social realism in literature the results of which have been published in, for example, the international journal of the Faculty, Blok. Every year the Faculty academic staff benefit from sabbatical leaves and scholarships abroad. Similarly the teaching cooperation involves an exchange of students pursuant to bilateral agreements and European programmes: Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci.

Polish language webpage of the English Department.