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Humanities 2.0 (or Applied Humanities):

  1. E-Writing & Editing
  2. E-Journalism & Social Media
  3. Gamedec - Game Studies & Design

Gamedec is a result of our passions and knowledge... We grew up in the time of card & board games, and we watched the development of video & computer games. We didn't miss the rise of tabletop / live-action role-playing games. Throughout our academic careers we have strived to interact with our students in order to make the learning process involving and effective. It turned out that gamification - a skillful usage of game mechanics - may bring many of the desired results. For this reason we first tried and tested many approaches and methods at the English Department, and now we decided to start BA studies Gamedec with the support of numerous professional game developers.

Student-created website for Humanities 2.0 can be found here. It is still largely "under construction" in its layout and visuals, so please pay attention to the content. :)

HUMANITIES 2.0 was launched on 1 Oct 2013,
with a gamified training in library use.

You can read about it here:


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